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Timeless Childrens Fashion

I remember it wasn't that long ago that you use to get dressed up to go out. And out could have been a restaurant, a show, shopping or to a friends house. You may have noticed things have changed. When was the last time you put on a nice frock to visit a friend? If you can’t remember, my guess is, its been too long. 

When did everything change? Was it fast fashion that brought on this new direction of how we dress, or are we too time poor to coordinate an outfit anymore? You may have noticed that children in countries like Spain, Italy and parts of England still enjoy the art of dressing up. Wearing timeless beautifully crafted pieces that possibly their parents wore, and now they can enjoy, and will pass on to their children. And so on. 

Many years ago I fondly recall walking through the childrenswear section of a beautiful department store and examining all the European handmade childrens clothes. Now, where are they? No where, I’ve looked! Thats why Mini Amor was created. A home for those, like myself, that want to bring the tradition of classic clothing back. 

Since the new generation of English royals were born, George and Charlotte, a new wave of classic dressing has emerged in the UK. They’ve brought back classic clothes and I for one could not be happier. After all when was the last time you saw either of these adorable royals in skinny jeans or a t’shirt with a huge skull or cross on it? My guess is never. 

This new generation of royal offspring, whose pictures we can’t seem to get enough of, look like they are dressing from another era. Coats to die for, cardigans that look home-made by Gran (but of course are not), patent leather shoes and ankle socks, floral smock dresses, shorts with knee-socks and headbands or bows that could make any bad hair day look incredible.

Do you know anyone that dresses their children like these royals? If you do, then I want to applaud them. Imagine the amount of compliments those little cherubs receive each time they leave the house! 

Princess Mary and her husband Frederick, over in Denmark, also embrace the tradition of classic fashion. Matching outfits, clean polished looks which would make any mum envious. I mean who can keep their children that neat and tidy? I recently returned from Spain where they dress children in art smocks to protect them from messy play and food time, especially at child care. Solution, not really, but its a thought. 

Maybe the royals need to look more proper and posh than the rest of us, after all they are royals. Still I’d like to think we can take some of their fashion influence and adapt it to our own. Even if its just for birthday parties, weddings, christenings, restaurants and special outings, it would be something. Who else misses dressing up? 

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